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Memory Foam Car Pillow also for Air Travel (two in a set)

Price: $28.50
Item Number: D6Bx2
Manufacturer Part No: D6Bx2
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        7" (height) x 11" (wide) x 3 ½" (thick) , each pillow
        two (2) in a pack
Taking a nap at a rest area during a long drive on interstates, Dreamsweet memory-foam Car Pillows (comes in a pair) are the best pillows you can have in your car. 
Where to use them?
        Enjoy a refreshing nap between long drives.  Tug one right where your neck needs a pillow; stick the other behind your lower back.  You will be able to go a long way before the next stop.   
        Take it with you when you are taking a long flight.  Those compact pillows are perfect additional lumbar support for flat airplane seats.
Leave one on the office chair, where most people sit hours every day.  It is now a comfy lower back cushion, keeping you good sitting posture and taking the strain off your back.  

          The material

Utilizing Visco-Elastic foam technology originally developed by NASA, those car pillows sense your body temperature and gradually mold themselves around your neck and head. 

o   High-density memory foam developed by NASA provides ample support on the neck and head
o   Extra comfort for car rides
o   Removable.  Can be removed from headrest, brought to the airplane, or used as lumber support in a car or in the office
o   An elastic strap keeps the pillow from slipping off your headrest
o   Comes in a pair

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