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TRAVEL SIZE, FIRM, Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Pouch - A4F

Price: $25.50
Item Number: A4-F
Manufacturer: Dreamsweet Bedding Products
Manufacturer Part No: A4-F
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Size: 12 (depth, front to back) x 10" (width) x 4" (height)
Firmness: Firm
Dreamsweet is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer memory foam contour pillows in Soft and Firm versions, so that our customers, as well as you, can select one that best matches your personal preferences.


The differences between the two firmnesses are:

            Soft: soft hand feel, gives and depressed more when in use

            Firm: firm hand feel, provides firm solid support around the neck area

o    Compact design for travelers.  Roll it up and stuff it inside the carrying pouch (included).  Bring it to overnight trips. 
o    Memory foam, originally developed by NASA, works with body temperature, providing soft and uniform around the neck.   
o    Dual-height design.  Tugs perfectly under the cervical curve.
o    Antimicrobial: Dreamsweet memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is antimicrobial.
o    Crafted from solid blocks of memory foam.
o    Comes with removable and washable 100% cotton cover, plus a Velour carrying pouch.
The Pillow!
These contour pillows are crafted by our computer-aided CNC cutting machines from solid blocks of memory foam.  The contours tug perfectly right between and under your neck and head, allowing your neck in neutral alignment of head and spine.  That natural alignment alleviates all the pressure off your neck and back, so that you can rest and sleep without tossing and turning.

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